To provide educational opportunities is one of our major aims. With this in mind we have presented several workshops and tours, some of which are listed below.

We welcome suggestions for topics for future workshops including from people who have relevant experience and/or qualifications, who would like to present a workshop on our behalf.

• Pickling workshops using garden produce making sauerkraut, preserved lemons, lemonade, lemon butter, chilli jam, pickled cucumbers.

• Building compost bays and teaching layering techniques

• Planting beans and making scarecrows with local playgroups

• Multicultural cooking e.g. Japanese sushi, Polish perogi, Italian greens, Cambodian rice paper rolls, warrigal pesto

• Vegetable Garden Basics - soil preparation, composting on a small scale, making worm farms, planting from seed and cuttings, veggie gardening in pots

• Garden tours and talks to local community groups including garden clubs and other community gardens. Topics covered included medicinal and culinary herbs, foods across the world in our garden e.g. daikon, dragon fruit, yacon.