Our garden opened in late 2013 and since then we have been moving ahead in leaps and bounds. We have a vibrant committee, a wonderful location and we are ready to welcome the general public as members.

Visitors are most welcome, we would love to show you around so you can decide whether you would like to become a member.

The pictures below will give you some idea of the progress from the early days, to the present state of the garden.

The garden is open on Tuesday and Saturday mornings from 9am to 12pm and Friday afternoons from 3pm to 6pm in Summer (daylight saving) and 2pm to 5pm in winter.

                                   The garden beds were manufactured from second hand cliplock roofing.

bending       joining

                                                   The first beds are beginning to take shape.

5 beds   wb3 1

wb3 3      8 beds

  Garden sign erected, work commenced on the water tanks donated by Manildra and first plants in the ground - yippee.

wb3 4      progress 1

progress 5      progress 7

progress 9      progress 11

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filling      8 beds


round beds cut      shed1

shed2      shed3

Never tell the girls to "hover until needed", this is the result.

shed4      shed5

shed6      shed7

shed8      shed9

shed10      shed11

Our 5th Working Bee was another wet one. Only a couple of hours before we all ducked for cover and our warm dry homes. We managed to achieve a little bit, setting up the water tanks and adding some straw and soil to two beds.

5th 1      5th 2      5th 3      5th 4      5th 5      5th 6

We have had many working bees since this time, so I will add the pictures as we go along. The few pics below show the progress with painting the donated water tanks and building the structure over them to to hold the roof.

progress 1      progress 2

progress 3      progress 4

With the structure complete and painted, Mike plumbed the tanks so they are all linked together and will gravity feed the garden beds. John and Ellen installed the roof sheets, guttering and downpipes.

progress 5      progress 6

progress 8      progress 7

While all the construction was going on, Sommer, Linda, Rik and Jeff began planting the first two beds. Poor Allen then had to start filling the other beds, which is a hard thankless job. Good on you Allen.

progress 9      progress 10

progress 11      progress 12

Our garden is now 12 months old and really florishing with around 27 members. Below is a pic of some of our produce and a look at some of the revellers at our first Xmas get together.

produce      xmas