Seeds  - free for members, by arrangement with our Seed Librarian
- for sale to non-members, at community stalls, fares etc
- saved from our own crops (exact variety may or may not be guaranteed)
- or spare from new seed orders (strictly small quantities)

Seedlings - produced at workshops, or by an ongoing seedlings group
- discount sale to members, non-discount to non-members at community stalls, fairs etc
- surplus/overgrown seedlings, or of unknown variety, free to anyone

Cuttings (from our own plants: berries, currants, strawb, preferably with variety known)          
- already struck: for sale as with seedlings
- raw cuttings, not struck: free to members to strike at home
(NB. Please don’t just take cuttings off plants yourself)
- variety not known: free or very discounted

Propagation Workshops  will regularly teach techniques for producing new plants, saving seeds, etc