Pest Management

We have a range of equipment and materials suitable for organic or ecologically sustainable management of pests, for use in the Clifton Garden itself, and by members in their own gardens.

Some chemicals and sprays are acceptable to organic growers because they have no harmful environmental effects, provided they are applied correctly. If used too much or inappropriately, some can affect the environment, or damage the ecological balance that protects a garden (eg. by killing predator insects that kill your pests).  So before using any at home you may need to be “trained” in how to use them.

Some of our sprays are home made, from recipes including chilli, garlic, milk, nettle….  These recipes are available for you to make your own.

Others are only retailed in large quantities that a home gardener might take years to use up, and some are for sudden outbreaks, for which an urgent application may be needed, before a member can buy their own supply. 

Pest Management Equipment